Our boots aren’t manufactured…they’re hand crafted here in Texas. Every pair is as unique as the person they are made for and over time, they take on a personality of their own.

Why Choose Us?

The cowboy boot. History credits Charles Hyer as one of the first to invent them in the Kansas City stockyards in 1875. Whether you wear them as a fashion statement or a functional part of your everyday life, cowboy boots have been a piece of American history. Bright and colorful or exotic skins, built for comfort or built for the runway, the process behind making these iconic shoes has not changed much, and we aim to keep it that way. We respect the history and the process. We create each pair of boots with care and reverence. We hope that once you try on a pair of our boots, you understand the difference custom makes. It is all in the fit and fit matters.

Bought a pair of these for the wife and now I am in her good books at least until the end of the month. Thanks Chris for the excellent service, customer care and quality of finish. You are in a class of your own sir.

G. Freeman
Happy customer

About Us

Chris Liggett

store owner

Every pair is meticulously made to fit you and only you by our master bootmakers, but the difference between a pair of Tejas Custom Boots and all the others major custom brands is that you’re getting a hand crafted, amazing one of kind boot a fraction of the price made in a fraction of the time.